Trustly products

Trustly offers a range of integrations


Accept one-time payments from your customers with either of the following methods:

  • Deposit lets your customers make payments from their bank accounts.
  • iDEAL payment method lets your Dutch customers make payments.

Recurring payments

Accept recurring payments from your customers with Merchant Direct Debit (MDD) through direct debit schemes like Autogiro in Sweden, Direct Debit in the UK.


Deliver payouts to your customers using the following API methods:

  • AccountPayout lets you make payouts to your customer's bank accounts just by sending an API call. This requires an AccountID, which is a unique identifier of the receiving bank account, generated by Trustly. You can receive theAccountIDin the account notification that is sent after a completed Deposit, Withdraw or SelectAccount. If you already have a verified bank account number for a customer you can use the RegisterAccount method to retrieve the AccountID.
  • Withdraw allows your customers to select their bank account in the Trustly checkout and request a payout.


Give your customers a full or partial Refund for a deposit, up to the total amount of the original deposit.

Trustly Express

Trustly Express gives your returning customers a quick, simple checkout experience by choosing their last-used bank account and skipping the bank login.

Use Trustly Express as a payment option in your web-based app checkout process. For native apps, use Trustly SDKs.

To implement Trustly Express in your checkout process, use either of the following:

  • Trustly Widget lets you present Trustly alongside other payment methods on your checkout page.
  • Trustly Express API lets you redirect your customers to a Trustly checkout page to complete the payment.

Pay N Play

To let your gaming customers play without registration or login, use the API method Deposit together with the KYC notification returned from Trustly.

The API method isDeposit with an additional attribute to request identifying data from the customer's bank, before the payment is processed

For more information, see Pay N Play

Bank account tokenisation

To generate a bank account token (AccountID), use any of the following API methods:

Note The AccountID persists, and does not expire.

  • SelectAccount lets the customer select their bank account within the Trustly flow, resulting in a verified account. It supports Lean KYC that lets you fulfil your regulatory KYC requests and prevent fraud. Data is retrieved from your customers' banks and presented in Trustly Back Office or through Account notification.
  • RegisterAccount lets you send stored bank account details to Trustly.

Reporting and reconciliation

To check and report settlement of funds and the account ledger, use any of the following API methods:

  • ViewAutomaticSettlementDetailsCSV returns information about all transactions that are included in an automatic settlement for a specified date in a settlement report. The information includes all transactions from your Trustly account to your bank account.

Tip: If you want to set automatic settlements but do not have that yet, talk with your Trustly commercial contact.

  • AccountLedger returns all transactions in your Trustly account in an account ledger report. You can use the report for reconciliation. The report can be downloaded manually from Trustly Back Office.
  • Balance shows your Trustly account balance.
  • GetWithdrawals returns details of a payout.

Trustly SDKs

With iOS and Android SDKs, you can integrate Trustly checkout in your native app.

Trustly Back Office

In Trustly Back Office, you can monitor transactions and manage your account.

You can use Back Office in test and live environments:

Note: The password for Trustly Back Office is different from the password for Trustly's API.

API Notifications

Any API integration with Trustly will receive notifications from Trustly to keep you updated on the status of a transaction. They also can provide you with information about accounts and customers.