Report and reconcile

Learn how to check account balance, get settlement reports, and reconciliation data with Trustly

Check Trustly account balance

You can check balances for all currencies that are available for your Trustly account:

  • Using API: Schedule daily calls to API method Balance to see the balance in one or more specified currencies. See Balance.
  • In Trustly Back Office: Get current balance for all currencies in your Trustly account by selecting Accounting > Account Balances in Trustly Back Office.

Get settlement reports from Trustly

If you have automatic settlements in your Trustly agreement, get settlement reports from Trustly:

  • Using API: Call API method ViewAutomaticSettlementDetailsCSV to receive details on processed settlements from Trustly to your bank account.
  • In Trustly Back Office: Select Transactions > Automatic Settlements

Note: If you do not have automatic settlements in your Trustly agreement, you will not receive a report from Trustly. Ask your Trustly commercial contact or Trustly Integration Support.

Automatic settlements are scheduled by Trustly Integration Support. The schedule is set according to the agreement that your company has with Trustly.

The exact time at which settlements are processed may vary, but it should normally be no more than twelve hours after midnight UTC. A single settlement will include all transactions from the midnight (UTC) prior to the last settlement (inclusive) until midnight UTC of the day before the settlement is executed (exclusive).

For example, if settlements are executed once per week and the last settlement was executed on the morning of January 1, the next settlement will be executed on January 8 and include transactions from January 1 00:00 until January 7 23:59:59 (UTC).

Get reconciliation reports from Trustly

You can get reconciliation reports from Trustly:

  • Using API: Call API method AccountLedger to fetch details of all settled pay-in and pay-out transactions.
  • In Trustly Back Office: Select Accounting > Account ledger