Deny payouts made by customers


Denies a withdrawal prepared by the user. Please contact your integration manager at Trustly if you want to enable automatic approval of the withdrawals.

Request example

    "method": "DenyWithdrawal",
    "params": {
        "Signature": "oXVTVGyKZV...3qisvFjydxA==",
        "UUID": "0521f840-788a-88ad-86fa-64ef311921f7",
        "Data": {
            "Username": "*****",
            "Password": "*****",
            "OrderID": 2755547734,
            "Attributes": null
    "version": "1.1"

Request parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionReqTypeExample
UsernameThe username.YesTextJoe
PasswordThe password.YesTextSecret
OrderIDThe OrderID of the withdrawal to deny.YesInt872673342
AttributesOptional attributes for this method. There are currently no available attributes for this method.NoHash

Response example

    "result": {
        "signature": "U+T3UUQNG...MqMbywrsTQ==",
        "method": "DenyWithdrawal",
        "data": {
            "result": "1",
            "orderid": "2755547734"
        "uuid": "0521f840-788a-88ad-86fa-64ef311921f7"
    "version": "1.1"

Response attributes

The result returned is a hash with the following attributes.

Hash keyDescriptionTypeExample
orderidThe OrderID specified when calling the method.BigInt72673342
result1 if the withdrawal could be denied and 0 otherwise.Boolean1

Error codes

These error codes can be returned for DenyWithdrawal calls. To handle errors, see Error handling.

Error numberError code