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Get API credentials to start integrating Trustly

Step 1: Generate an RSA key pair

RSA key pairs are used to sign all messages to secure the communication between Trustly and your system. All messages from Trustly will be signed using Trustly's private key, and can be verified using Trustly's public key.

By signing all messages with your private key, Trustly uses your public key to verify sender authenticity and the data integrity of each message.

Generate a private and public key pair by following instructions in Authentication.

Step 2: Get a Trustly test account

Align with your Trustly commercial contact to begin the integration process.

  1. Email your newly generated public key to Trustly Integration Support.
    Keep the private key safe and secure.
  2. After Trustly Integration Support create and configure your test account, you'll receive credentials for accessing both the API and Trustly Back Office in the test environment.