Accept payments from customers or deposits from players with iDEAL in the Netherlands


The iDEAL integration offered by Trustly allows for both iDEAL and Trustly payments on a single integration with all transactions visible in the same AccountLedger.

Please talk to your Trustly account manager if you want to have iDEAL enabled on your Trustly account.

To initiate a new iDEAL payment, add "Method":"" to the Deposit attributes.

All other attributes should remain the same as in a regular Deposit call.

Code example

                        "Country": "NL",
                        "Email": "[email protected]",
                 "NotificationURL": "https://your\_notification\_page/123",

iDEAL notifications

All notifications for iDEAL are the same as for a regular Trustly Deposit: credit, debit, cancel and pending. It is also possible to use account notification together with iDEAL. If you would like to use account notification, please contact our Integration team.

iDEAL refunds

iDEAL orders can be refunded by using the Refund method, just like a regular Trustly Deposit.

iDEAL checkout and iframe

Certain rules apply for the iDEAL checkout: iDEAL and Trustly should be shown as two separate options in the merchants checkout, where choosing iDEAL will redirect client to the Trustly iframe with iDEAL banks, and choosing Trustly - to the regular Trustly iframe.

You can download the iDEAL logo here.

The iDEAL flow is typically:

1. Payment is initiated. The Trustly iDEAL iframe is shown, where the client can choose which iDEAL bank that they want to do their payment through:

2. After the bank is selected, the client is redirected to iDEAL for payment processing:

3. The client completes the payment through iDEAL.

iDEAL test cases

You can trigger iDeals own testcases by sending a specific amount in API call. See table below:

AmountCurrencyTest scenario
2.00EURiDEAL will cancel payment
3.00EURiDEAL will act as if payment took to long
4.00EURiDEAL will never complete the payment
5.00EURiDEAL will fail the payment
6.00EURUnknown. Do not use
7.00EURWill cause technical error