Overview: E-commerce integration

Provide Trustly as a payment method to customers in your checkout process.

Common scenarios

Trustly's payment integrations cover the following scenarios:

Common functions

API methods and notifications to implement in your e-commerce system are shown in the following table:

API method/notificationFunctionPurpose
DepositPaymentLets a customer make a one-time payment from their bank account.
RefundRefundRefunds a previous Deposit.
SelectAccountRecurring paymentLets a customer register a direct debit mandate.
ChargeRecurring paymentTo charge a customer's bank account that has an active direct debit mandate.
CancelChargeRecurring paymentCancels a Charge transaction with a future payment date.
Pending notificationNotificationTo notify you when the user has completed all the steps in the Trustly checkout (Deposit and SelectAccount) or when a Charge request has been received.
Cancel notificationNotificationTo notify you when a Deposit, SelectAccount or Charge order has been canceled.
Credit notificationNotificationTo notify you when a Deposit or Charge has been confirmed.
Debit notificationNotificationTo notify you that a Deposit has failed, even though a credit notification has already been sent.
Account notificationNotification (Optional)To let you know the status of a direct debit mandate (active or inactive). Can also be sent for Deposits to provide additional information about the bank account that was used by the customer.