How to pay with Trustly

Follow the Trustly payment flow from your customer's account to your corporate account

Help your customers pay with Trustly

When your customers choose to pay with Trustly in your checkout, they select their bank from a list of available banks. They approve the payment by authenticating with their bank-issued credentials.

Let's take a webshop as your business example. The diagrams show interactions between your customer, your webshop, and the Trustly payment system during the checkout process.

Customer interaction

Customer interaction

  1. The customer is ready to make a purchase at your webshop.

    1. Your webshop presents available payment methods for the customer to choose from.
    2. At this point, Trustly is not yet involved.
  2. The customer chooses Trustly as their payment method in your webshop checkout.

    1. Your webshop creates an order and sends an API call requesting the Trustly checkout URL.
    2. Trustly responds to the API call with the Trustly checkout URL.
    3. Your webshop redirects the customer to the Trustly URL.
  3. The customer completes and confirms the payment within the Trustly checkout flow.

    1. Your webshop receives immediate notification of the confirmed payment.
    2. Trustly redirects the customer to a success URL that you specified in the API call.
  4. The customer is redirected to the confirmation page in your webshop.

System interaction

System interaction

Settle funds from Trustly to your corporate account

Funds from customer payments can be settled to your corporate account by either:

  • Manual settlement, in Trustly Back Office.
  • Automatic settlement, configured by Trustly according to an agreement.

Learn more in Settle your funds from Trustly.

Report and reconcile with Trustly

For reconciliation, use API methods AccountLedger or Settlement report (only for automatic settlements). Both reports, if applicable, are also available in Trustly Back Office.

  • AccountLedger will list all transactions affecting the balance on your account, both positive and negative.
  • Settlement report will list all transactions included in a specific settlement from Trustly to your corporate bank account.

You can also schedule a balance check on your Trustly account by using the Balance API method.

Learn more in Report and reconcile.