How to integrate with Trustly

The Trustly integration process consists of a few basic steps.

We've got you. Trustly Integration Support provides help with the integration process whenever you need it.

Step 1: Sign up

Generate an RSA key pair, no matter if you're integrating with Trustly API or SDKs. Then you'll need to contact Trustly Integration Support to get a test account.

Learn more about Sign up.

Step 2: Decide what and how you integrate

Check the Trustly products and integration guides to determine which API methods suit your business needs. For example, if you're a game developer, see integration guides for gaming.

To add Trustly as a payment option in your native app checkout process, you'll need to integrate Trustly iOS and Android SDKs. See Trustly SDKs.

Tip: For API integrations, check out Code library for fully featured implementations of API Client library dependencies for you to use in your code.

Step 3: Integrate your backend system with Trustly

When you decide what and how you will build the integration, integrate your backend system with Trustly.

Make sure that the integration:

  • meets the required Security.
  • responds to relevant notifications from Trustly. See Notification tool.
  • handles transaction flows from customers to your company bank account. That includes helping your customers handle money with Trustly, you getting bank settlements, reporting and reconciliation. See How to pay with Trustly.

Step 4: Design the service presentation

When your customers choose Trustly in your checkout, your app will send an API call, and Trustly returns a URL that you present to the customers to complete the checkout. The presentation must follow Trustly checkout guidelines.

Design the service presentation in the front end of your checkout process by following the guidelines.

Step 5: Do acceptance testing

Test the checkout process by performing all built-in test cases that are listed in Acceptance testing.

Note: All API methods in the integration must be successfully tested.

Step 6: Get verified by Trustly

Provide Trustly Integration Support with screenshots or access to your test environment. We run front-end and back-end tests and look at the service presentation for your integration.

You will need to resolve any issues. We verify your integration after all tests are passed.

Step 7: Go live

After Trustly has given approval, generate a new key pair and the public key, and send them to Trustly Integration Support.

We'll provide you with live credentials, which you include in your integration to launch Trustly as a payment method for your customers.