Initiates a new order where the end-user can select and verify one of their bank accounts.

SelectAccount + AccountPayout flow:

A typical SelectAccount flow is:

  1. Since the player never deposited with Trustly in your gaming cashier, a new account must be added to your system to initiate any future payout requests.

  2. The player enters the amount to payout and chooses Trustly as a payout method.

  3. You send an API call to SelectAccount and redirect the end-user to the URL.

  4. The player selects their bank and completes the identification process.

  5. The end-user is redirected back to the merchant at the SuccessURL, note that the account might not be verified yet at this point.

  6. When the account is verified, Trustly sends an Account notification to the merchant's system with information about the selected account.

    1. Trustly will send the Cancel notification if the player aborts the checkout process.
  7. Once the accountID is stored in your system, send the AccountPayout API call for Trustly to process.

Step 1: Integrating the API

Develop business logic according to the payout flow.

  1. Make sure that your integration follows security requirements. See Security.
  2. Implement the SelectAccount API according to the Trustly specification. See SelectAccount.
  3. Implement the redirection to Trustly checkout URL, which will allow the player to select a bank account.
  4. Make sure that your integration logs and handles error codes that are returned from API calls. See Error handling.
  5. If you have a native app implementation, integrate Trustly SDKs. See Trustly SDKs.

Step 2: Design service presentation

When the merchant presents a Trustly URL to players, the presentation must follow Trustly checkout guidelines.

Step 3: Inform Trustly to do acceptance testing

Prior to going live, the Trustly Integration Specialist will be performing a series of acceptance testing cases according to Trustly standards.

This will include:

  • Check SelectAccount API calls parameters and attributes
  • Run built-in test cases (G1-G3) which are available in the Trustly test checkout
  • Verify that all API notifications are sent with valid responses
  • Verify user experience of your service presentation

Step 4: Go live

Follow instructions to go live.