Return all transactions in your Trustly account


Fetches the account ledger for the specified time period. This report includes all the transactions (both incoming and outgoing transactions) that affect the merchant's Trustly account balance. Only settled transactions are included.

Request example

    "method": "AccountLedger",
    "params": {
        "Signature": "O4TYCzVPzz...IiD6T1Deg35eQ==",
        "UUID": "9e4345db-6093-bb35-07d3-e335f1e28793",
        "Data": {
            "Username": "*******",
            "Password": "*******",
            "FromDate": "2014-01-01",
            "ToDate": "2014-01-31",
            "Currency": null
    "version": 1.1

Request parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionRequiredTypeExample
UsernameThe username.YesTextjoe
PasswordThe password.YesTextsecret
FromDateThe start date of the returned ledger export.YesText2020-01-01
ToDateThe end date (not including the ToDate) of the returned ledger export.YesText2020-01-31
CurrencyOnly export ledger rows of this currency. Specify null to export all rows regardless of currency.YesTextEUR

Response example

    "version": "1.1",
    "result": {
        "signature": "lCteM8iCg++7uyF...TYoY/mc7eUQ6FWNPg==",
        "method": "AccountLedger",
        "data": [{
            "userid": "3839426635",
            "datestamp": "2014-01-30 13:28:45.652299+01",
            "orderid": "3209647863",
            "messageid": "133921",
            "transactiontype": "User deposit of client funds to CLIENT_FUNDS_SWEDEN_ESSE",
            "currency": "EUR",
            "amount": "5.00000000000000000000",
            "gluepayid": "3209647863"
        }, {
            "accountname": "TRANSACTION_FEE_BANK_DEPOSIT",
            "orderid": "3209647863",
            "userid": "3839426635",
            "datestamp": "2014-01-30 13:28:45.652299+01",
            "messageid": "133921",
            "transactiontype": "User deposit of client funds to CLIENT_FUNDS_SWEDEN_ESSE",
            "currency": "SEK",
            "amount": "-3.01",
            "gluepayid": "3209647863"
        }, ...],
        "uuid": "9e4345db-6093-bb35-07d3-e335f1e28793"

Response attributes

The result returned is an array of JSON objects.

Note: The key value pairs can be returned in any order.

useridYour userid in our system.Text3839426635
datestampThe datestamp for when this ledger row affected your balance in our system.Text2014-01-30 13:28:45.652299+01
orderidThe globally unique OrderID that resulted in this ledger record.Text3209647863
accountnameThe name of the bookkeeping account this ledger record belongs to.TextSUSPENSE_ACCOUNT_CLIENT­_FUNDS_SWEDEN_ESSE
messageidYour unique MessageID that you used to create the order that resulted in this ledger record.Text133921
transactiontypeA human friendly description of this ledger record.TextUser deposit of client funds to CLIENT_FUNDS_SWEDEN_ESSE
currencyThe currency of the amount in this ledger record.TextEUR
amountThe amount your balance in our system was affected with due to this ledger record. May contain a lot of decimals.Text5.00000000000000000000
gluepayidAn ID meaning different things for different payment methods, you probably don't need this data.Text3209647863