Verify and go live

You're almost there! Take these final steps to launch your Trustly integration

Get verified by Trustly

Note: If you integrate for gaming, skip this step, as your integration has been verified by Trustly during acceptance testing.

Provide Trustly Integration Support with screenshots or access to your test environment. Trustly will run front-end and back-end tests and verify the service presentation for your integration.

We'll tell you of any issues with your integration before we proceed with creating and configuring your live account.

Go live

After Trustly verify and approve your integration, you'll generate a new pair of keys for the live account. You need to send the public key to Trustly Integration Support and keep the private key safe and secure.

We'll then provide you with live credentials for Trustly's API and Trustly Back Office.

At this point, your account is ready to start processing live transactions. Include the live credentials in your integration to launch Trustly as a payment method for your customers.