Use notification tool and learn how a transaction status is communicated

The notification tool is used to show you how notification works for a transaction. You can use it during the integration process to view notifications that are sent by Trustly in the test environment for a given order (transaction).

A notification is sent by Trustly to update you of transaction status. For example, a Pending notification will be sent when the checkout process is completed.

Learn more about notifications.

Use notification tool

Use notification tool and learn how a transaction status is communicated through notifications.

  1. Open the notification tool.
  2. Enter your processing account username and an OrderID for a transaction.

Tip: In Trustly Back Office, you can find the processing account username in Logged in as <email>@<processing account username> in the upper right corner. For example, in the login account [email protected]@apitest, the apitest is the processing account username.

  1. Check and learn about notifications that are sent for the transaction.
    • If a notification has not been delivered successfully, you will see the error message for the failed notification.
    • You will also find a cURL command here for every notification, so that you can send the notification yourself.
  2. If you want to submit notification responses in the Deposit/Withdraw call on this page, send an additional attribute ("HoldNotifications" : "1") in the call for which you want to submit the notification responses. This will be helpful if your development server is not reachable from the internet.