Use Trustly Express to provide a fast and simple checkout for returning customers

Reduce friction. Drive loyalty.

The days are gone when returning users had to select which bank they want to pay from and log in for every single payment. Trustly Express displays the last-used bank account for returning customers, enabling them to skip steps in the Trustly Checkout for a quicker, simpler, 1SCA payment experience.

Trustly Express is available through your existing Trustly integration and requires minimal development. Experience the power of Trustly Express by implementing the Trustly Widget, or build your own custom experience by making use of our API.

For more information about which markets and banks support Trustly Express, please reach out to your Trustly Account Manager.

Trustly Widget

Trustly Widget is the optimal method to present Trustly as a payment option to your customers.

The Trustly Widget can be placed in your cashier alongside any other payment methods you offer, and handles the users’ bank account preferences without the need for you to handle the users’ account details.

Trustly Express API

If you’re not able to use the Trustly Widget, Trustly Express can be implemented using our API and allows for customized integration. See Trustly Express API.