Request a settlement of funds via API


This API method will initiate a settlement of funds, which will always be sent to the last settlement account for that specific currency.


The first settlement to a new account is required to be done through Trustly Back Office as the receiving bank account needs to be registered before a settlement can be processed.

Request example

  "method": "MerchantSettlement",
  "params": {
    "Signature": "K5+hjuMqbsH0Ku ... S16VbzRsw==",
    "UUID": "258a2184-2842-b485-25ca-293525152425",
    "Data": {
      "Amount": "800.00",
      "Currency": "EUR",
      "MessageID": "771463386074",
      "Password": "*",
      "Username": "your_username",
      "Attributes": null
  "version": "1.1"

SenderInformation attributes

Parameter nameDescriptionRequiredTypeExample
UsernameThe username.YesTextjoe
PasswordThe password.YesTextsecret
MessageIDYour unique ID for the payout. If the MessageID is a previously initiated P2P order then the payout will be attached to that P2P order and the amount must be equal to or lower than the previously deposited amount.YesText12345678
AmountThe amount to send. See format in Handling currencies. Only digits. Use dot (.) as decimal separator. If the end-user holds a balance in the merchant's system then the amount must have been deducted from that balance before calling this method.YesText98.02
CurrencyThe currency of the amount to send.YesTextSEK
AttributesAttributes for this method. Currently NULLNoObject

Response example

    "result": {
        "signature": "K47hjudG6sH0Ku ... S16VbzfG8==",
        "uuid": "258a2184-2842-b485-25ca-293525152425",
        "method": "MerchantSettlement",
        "data": {
            "reference": "7653345737",

Response attributes

The result returned is a hash with the following elements:

Hash keyDescriptionTypeExample
ReferenceThe unique reference generated for the settlement.Text7653345737

Error codes

These error codes can be returned for MerchantSettlement calls. To handle errors, see Error handling.

Error numberError codeDescription
603ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDSThe amount requested is higher than the balance. Try with a lower amount.
621ERROR_NO_SUITABLE_BANK_ACCOUNT_FOUNDNo settlement has been performed before for this specific currency.