Order is initiated by making an API call where all the details of the order are passed as a JSON payload.
The Trustly backend will respond with the checkout URL.

Please refer to our documentation on how the JSON-RPC works and how an order is initiated.

ReturnToAppURL parameter

The JSON payload must contain a ReturnToAppURL parameter in the order initiation API call for orders originating from a native application.

This parameter value should be a deep link (Universal/Application link or URL scheme) to your native application and should be unique. We use this value to automatically redirect back to your native application if a third party application or website needs to be launched during the order flow.

For transactions being initiated on other platforms such as on desktop/standalone browsers (that is, not originating from your native app) the ReturnToAppURL attribute should not be included in the API call.


    "params": {
        "Data": { 
            "Attributes": {
                "ReturnToAppURL": "myapp://"

In the next step you will use the checkout URL to present the Trustly checkout in your native applications.